Tire Storage Systems:

"Waymarc was willing to listen to our needs and worked together with our team to design all the fixtures in our dealership.  Our mobile tire storage system is fantastic! It doubled the potential storage space and has resulted in Team Ford selling twice as many tires to our customers, year on year. Their battery racks are durable and the first in, first out system ensures that our stock turns in the correct order. Overall, our parts department is now far better organized and it allows our parts team to work more efficiently.  The workbenches they designed and installed are amazing! From the custom uppers to the stainless work surfaces and kickplates, they look great and stand up to everything we throw at them. Waymarc provides the full package: great designs, knowledgeable staff, top notch installers and durable products."

Steve Yakimchuk/ Shawn Jardine
Service Manager/ Parts Manager


Mobile Tire Storage Systems:

A mobile system creates significantly greater storage space over a conventional tire storage system.  In most cases, our customers are able to DOUBLE the number of tires stored in the same storage footprint.  This creates increased customer tire storage revenue and allows quick access to a greater number of stocked tires, resulting in increased sales.  Our own customers who have gone to a high density mobile tire storage system have seen a significant increase in tire sales by having large stocks readily available.

Contact us for a FREE consultative visit to review your existing space and the options available to maximize your tire storage.   

Collaborative Design Process:

Waymarc’s team of in house designers works with you and your Architect/ General Contractor. We provide CAD drawings within your building design to ensure that the product is exactly what you expect.  We also provide detailed quotes  for the entire process.

Best In Class Installation Services:

Our Waymarc installation teams manage the onsite portion of your project. Working throughout Canada , we ensure an outstanding finished product that looks great and will stand the test of time!


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