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Steve Atkinson

The National Storage Expert

1 (800) 665-7225 x4

For over 20 years Steve has acted as a Warehousing & Storage Consultant to organizations that want to increase safety compliance, operational efficiency, space optimization and profitably within their storage facilities. 

Steve has an uncanny talent for understanding a company’s priorities and identifying clear paths that will address current constraints and allow for future growth that is both safe & profitable. This talent has him in continuous demand in by a diverse range of companies of all sizes and in a broad range of industries including: 

Mining, Oil and gas, Automotive, Agriculture, Warehousing & Distribution, Recreation, Manufacturing, Health Care, Education and Museums & Galleries.  

This varied experience gives him the ability to apply lessons learned from different industries and implement them in new forms that produces positive results. Steve’s wide gallery of projects makes him Canada’s industry leading Storage & Warehousing Expert and his advice is sought out by Canada’s leading companies.

Steve is based in Saskatoon where he lives with his wife & four children. His hobbies include Crossfit and mixed martial arts.