Racking Guards & Warehouse Safety

Waymarc Supplied guards & bollards

Easy-to-install and economical, our rack post protectors provide just the right amount of protection around individual racking posts. All rack post protectors are finished with a durable powder-coated, safety-yellow paint for maximum visibility.

Install our heavy-duty guardrail barrier system and create a protective shield between your workers and your equipment. It’s the trouble-free solution to your peace of mind. Built from the best quality materials, our guardrail barriers are strong, adaptable and – when properly installed – engineered to withstand a 10,000-lb impact and 4 m.p.h. Our heavy-duty guardrail barriers are available in a variety of sizes with single and double-rail options.

Protect your work space inside and out from collision damage with bollards. Our steel tube bollards are welded to a 10 x 10” base plate and painted with a durable powder-coated safety-yellow finish made to stand up to your traffic. If heavy-duty protection is what you need, we also offer an oversized bollard welded to a 12”x12” base plate for extra security.

+ Warehouse Safety Literature

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