Parts Department Shelving Systems:

Waymarc is an industry leader in planning, designing and installing parts department shelving systems. We have integrated solutions that incorporate drawer systems, long span shelving, specific parts storage systems and also design custom systems to meet unique storage needs. We represent Rousseau Metal’s Spider Shelving System and also carry EZ Rect’s Type 1 and Trimline systems.

Additionally, our Estimation & Design teams create an outstanding CAD layout of your space and work with you to maximize every square inch of your storage. Give us a call for a FREE initial consultation on your parts storage needs.


EZ Rect is the original boltless shelving system. It is ideal for warehouse storage, parts storage and an alternative to pallet racking for long span shelving.

4 Basic EZ Rect Components

1) Post
2) Post Connectors (Connects 2 posts to make an End Frame.)
3) Frame Connectors (Joins end frame together & supports metal or particleboard shelf.)
4) Shelf (Supports shelf load.)

Collaborative Design Process:

Waymarc’s team of in house designers works with you and your Architect/ General Contractor. We provide CAD drawings within your building design to ensure that the product is exactly what you expect. We also provide detailed quotes  for the entire process.

Best In Class Installation Services:

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