Pallet Racking Inspections

Waymarc offers 3 levels of Inspections

According to CSA Guidelines, owners and managers are required to ensure there is a systematic warehouse rack inspection program in place and that a competent person performs the inspection.

Follow this checklist to determine if your warehouse is CSA compliant:


CSA Guidelines Checklist

  • Ensure engineered racking layout overview & elevation drawings are on file.
  • Weight capacity plaques or stickers are installed for all bays.
  • Racking is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications: anchored, beam pins, row spacers and rack safety systems.
  • Racking is free of damage.
  • Warehouse employees can identify & evaluate all damage
  • Damage reporting protocols are in place and understood by all employees.
  • Employees know the reconfiguration protocol for warehouse racking.
  • Inspection Program - Regular inspections are performed by both employees and by an external firm who specializes in inspections in accordance with all applicable codes.

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CSA Racking Compliance Expert | National Accounts
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CSA Racking Compliance Expert | Western Canada