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Optimize and Customize Your Storage Space with Montel’s Flexible, High-Density Movable Shelving System

Every organization has unique storage needs that evolve over time—and they need storage systems that can keep up with them. With Mobilex, you can be sure your system can handle whatever you’ve got. Available with both mechanical and electrical mechanisms, Montel’s signature high-density movable storage system gives you the flexibility to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity.

Whatever your industry, and whatever you need to find space for, Mobilex will make the most of your shelving capacity. The storage possibilities are endless: archives and office supplies; specimens and artifacts; records and evidence; sporting equipment; film cans and video tape; medical documents; tools and parts; and much, much more. And its unique mechanism enables you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once.

Mechanical and electrical models are available, depending on what best suits your situation. For storage environments where items need to be shelved and retrieved frequently, such as busy hospital record centers, opt for an electrical Mobilex system for greater convenience. If materials don’t need to be accessed often, such as in a museum storage area, a mechanical Mobilex is a great alternative.