E-Z-Rect Multi Level Shelving

Mezzanine and Catwalk systems, or additional tiers of shelves and additional floors space above shelving, is a cost effective alternative to expansion while improving efficiency and accessibility. Multi-level systems are built on either the Type-1 Warehouse Storage System or Traditional Pallet Racking and engineered to the highest standards for seismic installations.

Warehouse Catwalk Systems

Catwalks are multiple floors of shelving bays for maximized storage capacity, each floor has aisles between shelving bays for accessibility. Each system is custom engineered to specific space, height, functional, and load requirements built on the Type Shelving System or Pallet Rack. The modular nature of the product allows for adaptability to any environment and space and to the changing needs of industry and business.

Warehouse Mezzanine Systems

E-Z-Rect Mezzanine system offers unparalleled versatility in creating additional floor space for expanded production, offices, or supervisory space.  Built on top of our trademark warehouse shelving or free standing, it is engineered for seismic and specific regional requirements. By building on a modular storage system, the warehouse mezzanine can be adjusted for different applications or reassembled for relocation.

  • Additional desk or office space

  • Gallery or production supervisory location

  • Cafeteria or break area

  • Machinery storage space

E-Z-Rect Mezzanine & Catwalk System Features

Mezzanine and catwalk systems substantially increase usable storage space. They can be an excellent alternative to warehouse racking systems, at a significant cost savings. Our systems feature:

  • Unobstructed access to second or third levels for additional storage and work space

  • Professionally designed and engineered system

  • Strength, rigidity and durability of E-Z-Rect Type 1 Shelving

  • High quality decking and grating with pre-formed connectors for easy assembly

  • Easy to relocate system

  • Safety factor of 1.66 to 1 conforms to AISI standards

Applications of Multi-Level Shelving

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Distribution centers

  • Production plants

  • Warehouses

  • Large Scale Document Storage