Ecos Systems | Electronic Key Management Systems & Lockers

Ecos Systems are Hi-tech compact, secure & intelligent electronic storage solutions that offer the possibility to store many types of items.



The user manually retrieve and / or store keys attached to an electronic contact key fob that plugs into an electronic tamperproof socket inside the unit.

  • All systems is offer with a key management software residing on PC / Server or simply on Ecos Systems iCloud. Automated Storage cabinet : The automated / intelligent storage Cabinet retrieves or stores objects of many sizes such as keys, license plate, jewelry, mail, medication, firearm, cellular phone, tablet PC, etc.

  • Ecos Systems unique electronic storage drawer can be embedded with multiple RFID tag detectors that can detect 2 or more object in the same drawer.

  • Available from 2 to 2000 spaces or more, these electronic drawers or locker can be configured with optional ID slot, 5V/2Amp USB port and 12/110/220 V internal output.

Safer than any simple storage on the market, these Electronic Key or Asset storage system will release 1 or more objects only with authorized access within a programmable control time schedule.

Since objects are electronically locked inside the cabinet or the automated drawer, tampering and duplication make litigation a problem of the past.

So, whether you are a Multi-Unit Housing Development, Government Facility, Gaming Casino, Bank, Hospital, Automobile Dealership, Jewelry Store, or Airline, Xnnovation and Ecos Systems can modify and custom design specific software or equipment to conform to the needs of each individual customer.