E-Z-Rect Mobile Shelving Benefits

E-Z-Rect Mobile storage systems maximize space by increasing density without affecting accessibility. High density mobile storage systems are suitable for all space limited environments including retail, office, professional, warehouse, and healthcare environments. E-Z-Rect Mobile storage is compatible with both Type 1 and Trimline shelving.

  • High density shelving increases space space by a minimum of 38% up to 100%

  • Reduce shelving foot print

  • No sacrifice in accessibility compared to static shelving

  • Increase storage capacity in your existing location

  • Lower storage space lease costs

Maximize Space; Minimize Costs

A high density, mobile shelving solution from E-Z-Rect is a simple and cost effective solution to expanding storage needs without expanding the foot print. An intelligent and efficient system will realize a minimum of 38% increase in usable storage, while most applications realize more than 50%. Densified storage accommodates future growth and improves ergonomics without affecting accessibility and function.

Mobile Shelving Features

  • Patented floating track that eliminates risk of derailment

  • Compatible with Trim-line or Type 1 shelving

  • Seismic location approved

  • Available Mechanical Assist for weightless operation

  • Multiple accessories including wire shelves and attractive end panel

Mobile Shelving Floating Track Features

  • Durable, hardened steel tracks

  • Straight and level path for mobile unit travel

  • Floats to absorb lateral movement

  • Forgives minor misalignments during installation

  • Quick and easy to install

E-Z-Rect is the most adaptable and affordable solution for high density and mobile storage systems. Contact our design department for assistance optimizing your space. 

Download your assembly instructions for your Mobile Aisle Mechanical Assist here:

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