Double Deep & Pushback Racking

Waymarc Supplied double deep & pushback Racking:

Double Deep Racking

Double Deep Racking systems are designed to maximize storage space when many of the same SKU are being stored. Using a specialized reach truck with telescoping capabilities, double deep is a great way to make the most of your available space. It is a popular system in places like freezers where every cubic foot counts, not only as floor space, but also as a cost to keep cool. Call or email us for more information about our double deep & pushback options.

Push Back Racking

A First In, Last Out system (FILO), Push Back is designed to offer increased storage density with more pick faces than traditional high-density systems. With a 30% utilization improvement versus Drive-In systems Push Back racking is the best choice for high density, fast moving distribution in warehouses that can utilize a First In, Last Out (FILO) storage system. Capable of storing 2 - 6 pallets deep, Lo-Pro Push Back racking system is capable of handling up to 3,000 lbs. per pallet position. Standard designs are for CPC or GMA pallets, but non-standard designs for other weights, pallet sizes and containers are available. Each system is designed by Space Aid's Engineering Department to fit your operational needs. Push Back racking systems require less space than Pallet Flow systems and can be arranged as back-to-back or stand-alone bays.

Collaborative Design Process:

Waymarc’s team of in house designers works with you and your Architect/ General Contractor. We provide CAD drawings within your building design to ensure that the product is exactly what you expect.  We also provide detailed quotes  for the entire process.

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