L OR T SHED Cantilever Racking

Product Details:

Create a four-season covered storage unit with Cogan L-shed or T-shed cantilever racking. Ideal for protecting stored materials from harsh weather conditions, the angled roof design allows rain to flow down easily and shields against snow, ice and sun damage. Powder-coated structural steel components and heavy-duty treated wood joists provide superior strength and durability. An optional galvanized finish is also available upon request for extra-wear resistance. Lost or damaged material due to severe weather is significantly reduced, saving you costly replacement expenses.

L-Shed or T-Shed cantilever racking is ideal for any outdoor application. Use L-sheds or T-sheds to create efficient storage space in your lumberyard, shipping yard, overflow area, or any situation where outdoor storage is required. Cogan L-shed cantilever racking is single-sided and can be installed against a wall or along the side of a building. Our T-shed cantilever racking features arms on both sides to maximize storage capacity. Your existing cantilever racking can also be retrofitted with an L-shed or a T-shed. This allows you to make the most out of storage systems that are already in place.

In order to account for local weather variances, Cogan L-shed and T-Shed cantilever racking is always custom-manufactured for your exact needs. Important variables such as wind and snow loads, geographical location (country/city/state), and exact physical location of the installation (against a wall or not) are all factored into the engineering process.