LOGIMATIQ Automated Dispensing Systems & Lockers

Conception & manufacturing of Automatic Vending Machines & Key Storage Cabinet

Logimatiq is a company with offices in Europe and USA, specialized in the conception and manufacturing of all types of Automated / Intelligent Vending Machines including Key Management Systems that are highly secure and easy to use for front-end sales.

4 Reasons Why LOGIMATIQ

is the best choice for your next asset cabinet!

1.Better Protection

You can’t steal or duplicate what you can’t see and touch!

2. Higher Capacity

Logimatiq can hold over 800 keys comfortably while being well organized.

3. Efficient and flexible

Not just for keys! Secure and manage all your valuables in one cabinet. Shelves can be configured into 7 different bin sizes for unlimited applications!

4. Best prices

Although LOGIMATIQ is a premium system, we offer the best price - Guaranteed!

  • Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

  • Better protection

  • Better flexibility

  • Better control

  • Better Accountability

  • Higher capacity

  • Better Price